Hate Incident Reporting Centres

HIRC logoThe Essex Police Strategic Hate Crime Partnership (SHCP) is establishing a network of accredited Hate Incident Reporting Centre (HIRC)/ Hate Crime Ambassadors  across Essex to create more opportunities to ‘Report It to Sort It’

What is a HIRC?

Hate Incident Reporting Centres, or HIRC’s, are community venues where individuals can report hate incidents and hate crimes, either as a victim or a witness. A HIRC can act as an alternative place for reporting hate crimes/hate incidents rather than directly to the police.

A HIRC works in collaboration with Essex Police and other partner agencies to provide support and information during the reporting process.

“Becoming an accredited HIRC has been important for our organisation as all our staff are now able to support people with a learning disability to have confidence to stand up against hate crime and hate incidents. We want to encourage people with a learning disability to stop living with hate incidents as part of their everyday lives.”

Marc McOwens, Southend Mencap

Why do we need HIRCS?

According to the 2011 Crime Survey of England and Wales only 23% of hate crimes/hate incidents were reported.

Recommendation 16 of the Stephen Lawrence inquiry recognises the need for “the ability to report at locations other than police stations.”

It is clear that victims/witnesses feel more comfortable reporting at alternative venues for a number of reasons.

Find your local HIRC


Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)
13-15 Eastgate, The High, Harlow, Essex CM2-1HP
Tel: 0344 4770808
Monday -Friday 10am – 4pm
HIRC lead: Chelsey Thomson
Specialist provision:

Harlow Jobcentre Plus
Beaufort House, Crown Gate, Harlow CM201NA
Tel: 0845 604 3719
Mon – Tues 9am to 5pm. Wed – 10am to 5pm. Thurs – Fri – 9am to 5pm.
HIRC lead: Sarah Springall
Specialist provision: Employment

Harlow Library
Essex County Council Central Library, Cross Street, Harlow, CM201HA
Tel: 0345 603 7628
Mon – Tues 9am to 7pm. Wed – Closed. Thurs – Fri 9am to 7pm. Sat – 9am to 5pm.
HIRC lead: Jane Campbell
Specialist provision: Reference

Harlow Save CU
The Central Library, First Floor, Harlow CM201HA
Tel: 01279 451234
Mon – 12pm to 2pm. Tues – 10am to 12pm. Wed – Closed. Thurs – 10am to 2pm. Friday – 10am to 2pm.
HIRC lead: Jenny Smith
Specialist provision: Financial

Integration Support Services
The Latton Bush Centre, Office 37, Southern Way, Harlow CM18 7BL
Tel: 01279 639442
Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm
HIRC lead: Sumana Begum
Specialist provision: Supporting migrants and ethnic minorities

2A Wych Elm, Harlow, CM201QP
Tel: 01279 430011
Mon – Fri 9am to 2pm
HIRC lead: Kerrie Eastman
Specialist provision: Homelessness

The Civic Centre Harlow Council
Harlow Civic centre, The Water Gardens, Harlow, Essex CM20 1WG
Tel: 01279 446655
Monday – Friday 09:00 – 16:45
HIRC lead: Sheila Underdown
Specialist provision:

West Essex Mind
The Wellbeing Centre, 10-11 Corner House, Bush Fair, Harlow, CM186nz
Tel: 01279 421308
Monday 2pm-4pm, Wednesday-1pm-3pm, Friday 12pm-2pm, Saturday 11am-1pm
HIRC lead: Kelly Dorrington
Specialist provision: Mental Health


Sawyers Church
Sawyers Hall Lane, Brentwood, CM15 9BN
Tel: 01277 233889
Mon, Weds, Thurs, Fri 9am – 3pm
HIRC lead: Joanne Rayment jorayment@frontlinepartnership.org
Specialist provision: Learning Disability Faith


Crown Court (Tilbury)
Newton Road, Tilbury, Essex, RM18 8YL
Tel: 01375 389864
Mon 1.30pm – 4pm
HIRC lead: naguib@thurrockcoalition.co.uk

Thurrock Coalition
The Beehive, West Street, Grays, RM17 6XP
Tel: 01375 389864
Mon – Fri 9am to 5pm
HIRC lead: Ian Evans ian@thurrockcoalition.co.uk
Specialist provision: Disability – all impairment types

152 Bridge Road, Grays, RM17 6DB
HIRC lead: Jacqueline Lissenden jlissenden@choiceandcontrol.co.uk

Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions (Clarence Road)
13-15 Clarence Road, Grays, RM17 6QA
Tel: 07885 983681
Every Wednesday and every 4th Friday from 12th December 9am – 4pm
HIRC lead: Perola Sestini psestini@choiceandcontrol.co.uk
Specialist provision: Learning Disability

South LPA

Basildon Council
The Basildon Centre, St Martin’s Square, Basildon, SS14 1DL
Tel: 01268 294329 Fax :01268 289844
Mon – Fri 9.15 am – 5.15 pm
HIRC lead: Shamrika Sydes shamrika.sydes@basildon.gov.uk
Specialist provision: Inclusion & Diversity
Choices Family Support Service
26 Saffron Court, Southfields, Basildon, SS15 6SS
Tel: 01268 916422
Mon – Sat 10am – 8pm (Mon) 10am – 4pm (Tues -Fri) 10am – 2pm (Sat)
HIRC lead: Susanna Caira-Neeson cfss@live.co.uk
Specialist provision: Family Support

DIAL Basildon & South Essex
75 Southernhay, Basildon, SS14 1EU
Tel: 01268 285676
Mon – Fri 10am – 4pm
HIRC lead: Jan Stevens jan@dialbasildon.co.uk
Specialist provision: Disability

Signpost, Briscoe Community Centre, Felmores End, Basildon, SS13 1PN
Tel: 07880 035969
Mon, Tues, Weds 1pm – 4pm
HIRC lead: Artak Poghosyan spb@sign-post.info
Specialist provision: Community

Basildon Library, The Basildon Centre, St Martin’s Square, Basildon, SS14 1EE
Thurs, Fri 1pm – 4pm
HIRC lead: Artak Poghosyan spb@sign-post.info
Specialist provision: Community


Southend Mencap
100 London Road, Southend-On-Sea, SS1 1PG
Tel: 01702 341250
Mon – Fri 9am – 4pm
HIRC lead: Marc McOwens marc.mcowens@southendmencap.co.uk
Specialist provision: Learning Disability

North LPA

Chelmsford City Council
Civic Centre, Duke Street, Chelmsford, CM1 1JE
Tel: 01245 606606 (main switchboard)
Mon – Fri 8.45am – 4.45pm
HIRC lead: Rachel Kearn rachel.kearn@chelmsford.gov.uk
Specialist provision: Community Safety

City of Chelmsford Mencap
Mencap Centre, 56 Mildmay Road, Chelmsford, CM2 0DZ
Tel: 01245 268303
Mon – Fri 9am – 4.30pm
HIRC lead: Grace Lidstone grace.lidstone@cityofchelmsfordmencap.org.uk
Specialist provision: Learning Disability

Maldon District Council
Princes Road, Maldon, CM9 5DL
01621 854477
Mon – Fri 8.30am – 16.45pm (Mon -Thurs) 8.30am – 16.15pm (Fri)
HIRC lead: Alice Burlington Alice.Burlington@maldon.gov.uk
Specialist provision: Community Safety


Family Solutions (Colchester)
Greenstead Youth Centre Hawthorn Avenue, Colchester  CO4 3QE
Tel: 0333 01 3999905  Mobile: 07738 886229
Mon – Fri 9.00 – 5.00pm
HIRC lead: Faye Savage & Paula Megraw faye.savage@essex.gov.uk
Specialist provision: Family Support

Royal Association for Deaf People
Riverside Offices, Century House South, North Station Road, Colchester, CO1 1RE
Tel: 0845 688 2525 or SMS 07851 423866
Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm
HIRC lead: Susan Marsh susan.marsh@royaldeaf.org.uk
Specialist provision: Essex deaf & hearing impaired community only

University of Essex
Wivenhoe Park, Colchester, CO4 3SQ
HIRC lead: Paula Rothero hirc@essex.ac.uk
Specialist provision: For University student and staff community only


Tendring Mental Health Support
Summit House, 14-16 Orwell Road, Clacton on Sea, CO15 1PP
Tel: 01255 429778
Mon – Fri  9am – 5pm
HIRC lead: Gaynor Jarrett Gaynor.jarrett@tmhs.org.uk
Specialist provision: Learning Disabilities and Mental Health.


Uttlesford District Council
Council Offices, London Road, Saffron Walden, CB11 4ER
Tel: 01799 510510
Mon – Fri  8.30am – 5pm (Mon -Thurs) 8.30am – 4.30pm (Fri)
HIRC lead: Fiona Gardiner fgardiner@uttlesford.gov.uk
Specialist provision: Community

Witham Library
18 Newland Street, Witham, CM8 2AQ
Tel: 01376 519625
Mon-Sat 9am -7pm  (Weekdays) 9am – 5pm (Saturday)
HIRC lead: Sarah Gray Sarah.Gray@essex.gov.uk
Specialist provision: Community


Hate Crime AmbassadorsHCA-01

Hate Crime Ambassadors are community members who raise hate crime awareness and promote reporting of hate incidents crime.

Hate Crime Ambassadors will need to:

  • Successfully complete a half day accredited training session run by Essex Police. This will provide you with the knowledge and information to recognise a hate incident or hate crime, take an eff ective report, and provide advice and support.
  • Take part in a minimum of two hate crime/incident educational or awareness raising activities annually, either individually or in conjunction with other partners, HIRCS or Hate Crime Ambassadors.

“Becoming a Hate Crime Ambassador has created a new awareness for my organisation, and given staff members the confidence to report hate crimes and incidents. As a Hate Crime Ambassador, I’ve taken part in radio interviews, presentations and featured in magazines & newspapers to raise awareness of Hate Crime.”

Jada Glover, HCA at APCOA

“I saw at first hand the barriers to reporting that my clients were experiencing. I knew they wanted support and I wanted to help them, but I knew I didn’t have all the tools to do this. The HIRC/Hate Crime Ambassador training gave me the confidence to identify hate crimes/incidents and, importantly for them, the knowledge of how to take a report and offer my clients the help they needed.”

Scarlett McCarthy, HCA at Healthwatch

How to get involved

We are looking for organisations and individuals who want to make a difference in their community. They will:

  • Undertake accredited Essex Police training,
  • Work within the guidelines of the HIRC Protocol,
  • Support the local HIRC network and engage in promoting hate crime awareness and reporting.

For more information on how you or your organisation can become a Hate Crime Ambassador or HIRC please contact:

    • DC 493 David Acres – David.Acres@essex.pnn.police.uk

PC 2760 Jenny Paget – jenny.paget@essex.pnn.police.uk
PC 1808 Claire Rawlins – claire.rawlins@essex.pnn.police.uk

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